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Men's 4 Week Body Blitz - LDN Performance
Men's 4 Week Body Blitz - LDN Performance
Men's 4 Week Body Blitz - LDN Performance
Men's 4 Week Body Blitz - LDN Performance

Men's 4 Week Body Blitz

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Do you struggle to burn off unwanted stubborn body fat?

Have you an event or big occasion coming up soon that you want to get a lot leaner, firmer and more muscular for?

Or maybe you have seen initial results in the past from a diet, which over time lead to all of that hard work going to waste and you putting all of that weight back on?

If you answered yes to 1, 2 or maybe even all 3 of these, then this program is for you!

Designed to be an intense 4 weeks in which you will see remarkable improvements in your strength, body composition, sleep, levels of stress, eating habits, knowledge on training and nutrition, ability to perform tasks without getting out of breath… and many, many more. This program will completely change your life, in just 4 short weeks!


WARNING! Only download this product if you want to see results FAST… and unlike most products that guarantee fast results, this program will teach you why these fast results have happened and how you can transition back in to normal life and keep this new found physique for good… seriously!

The 4 Week Body Blitz will completely revolutionise the way you understand how food affects the body in both the way it looks and how it performs!

It will transform the way you train, getting you to hit the gym with a focus and direction, utilising the most effective exercises for sculpting a lean, strong and powerful physique each and every session.

It will guide you on a path on how to reduce your stress and get you sleeping like a king on a consistent basis.

It WILL take you to a leaner, stronger, sexier and more confident you!!!

So, do you want these remarkable results in just 28 days? Then the 4 Week Body Blitz program is EXACTLY what you are looking for!


Suitable for: mid level of experience

*Mid - would you be able to identify these exercises within a gym environment: Lunge, Lat pulldown, Squat, Deadlift and a Shoulder press.

If you could identify what these exercises are but aren't 100% sure on how to execute safely and effectively, or are unsure on how to factor these in to a program, then this would be deemed as mid level.

*If you haven't heard of these exercises before then you should look towards our program that is designed for those that are new to the gym, our 8 Week Physique eBook which you can download via this link (

*this program will require a gym membership.