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The Game Changers - My Review

Now unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard people talking about and giving their opinion on the Netflix documentary The Game Changers.

An interesting documentary showcasing the benefits of a meat free life, with contributions and segments with individuals ranging from doctors to world record holding athletes… and there’s also an appearance from a once meat eating junkie… Arnie.


I appreciate documentaries such as this, as they make people wake up and take notice of their health, and more specifically what their nutritional choices are doing for their health.

The documentary (if you haven’t seen it) angles that a meat free life can lead to enhanced performance, reduced chance of developing heart disease, decreased inflammation, amongst various other things. Now, I’m not denying that the individuals interviewed within the documentary saw these benefits, they may well have done. But, just like with ALL documentaries, it is VERY one sided… because quite frankly, something that takes an hour and a half to highlight the for and against, would probably be quite a boring watch wouldn’t it?


Something which didn’t sit too well with me when Arnie appears, is that he claims that the meat free life is helping with his heart and the diseases associated with this.

The issue I have with this, is that the guy was on steroids for probably more than 20 years. Would he have had his heart problems had he not done so? Who knows. But this is overlooked within the documentary and they kind of imply that the meat has been a big causing factor for his problems and now that he’s eating less, it’s improving his health! That doesn’t sit right with me, messing with different steroid compounds are known to put your heart through a hell of a lot… FAR more than meat ever has or will. So this is I think poor and misleading information to have put out.

Secondly, they highlight strength athletes setting world records, a cyclist defying the sands of time and competing in the olympic final at the age of 39, an NFL team with a bunch of guys who are vegan and a few other high performing athletes. That’s excellent. I get that! But how many more thousands of world records were broken by and how many more world champions are there currently walking around in the world that have meat as a staple in their diet? Significantly more than non meat eaters that’s for sure.

I guess this is where common sense and perspective have to be brought in to it. Because the documentary isn’t going to/didn’t suggest this, because it goes against their agenda.

Yes going meat free may be far healthier for you, but equally it may not be. Just like everything in life, it’s case dependant!


Ultimately, all documentaries NEED to be taken with a pinch of salt. They are created to entertain!

They try to include evidence where they can, but ultimately, they are only going to include science based evidence that backs up the agenda/goal of the director/producer to create the shock and awe factor which will get tongues wagging!

Trust me, there is an absolute tonne of literature out their showcasing the benefits of a diet that includes meat.

Would the average person benefit from a health perspective if they switched to a meat free diet? Probably! That’s simply due to the fact that if you do make the switch, you then have to live by such a strict and rigid set of rules, that it will completely eliminate a MASSIVE group of highly palatable and calorie dense foods from your diet, which you’ll have to replace with nutrient dense lower calories options… This is ALWAYS going to lead to fat loss and less strain on the cardiorespiratory system for the average person.


Yes watch documentaries. Yes make better life choices based on these documentaries (we could all benefit from eating more vegetables). But don’t completely change the way you live, eat, breath, sleep etc before you’ve gathered all of the data!

Because I know of people that are eating ONLY meat on a carnivore diet and are “healthier” from a body composition and blood test markers standpoint than they have been in years!

Enjoy them, appreciate them (documentaries), but take the information and data and go and do your own research before going all in on something! It’s simple logic!

If you want to go meat free, try it. If you don’t, don’t. Either way, don’t be an annoying arsehole and try to push your way of life on others! Just do you and accept that what’s healthy for you may not be healthy for others!

Yours in health.


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