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How to Bust Through The March Plateau

We’re now 9 weeks in to the New Year.

The beginning of March is typically the time of year where the motivation/interest starts to wane in our pursuit of better health due to it being long enough past the New Year, that the resolution motivation is passing, and it’s still cold enough that the thought of summer holidays has yet to even cross the mind.

Being consistently motivated towards something which we are pursuing, all comes down to incremental progression/success. If we are succeeding at anything, even if it is a marginal improvement, providing the end goal is important enough to us, will keep that fire in the belly burning and driving us towards the end goal.

Once that progress grinds to a halt, our head starts turning elsewhere...

So here are 3 tips to get you back on track, get that progress ball rolling again and to help keep that motivation there forever more.


1 - Move the goal posts 

Did you find that your body progressed early on in response to a re structure in your diet, but now it just seems to be stuck???

Then let's move those goal posts! Our body requires a certain amount of energy (kcals) per day to remain the same... we consume less than that, we lose body fat. We consume more than that number, we gain body fat. 

Well if you have lost body fat, your body's energy demand will have dropped in a linear fashion alongside this! A common mistake I see people make when it comes to their fat loss journey, which tends to kill all motivation, as this then becomes the limit of where they progress to, is they continue eating the same amount of food as when they started and expect continual progression. 

Unfortunately, as you get smaller, your body just doesn't need as much fuel! So it's time to recalculate those calories to fall in line with what your body NOW needs 💪🏻


2 - Change up what you are doing

Have you been following the same training program since the start of January??? Change/Tweak it... I have two reasons for changing this up right away.

1) Your body's response to a stimulus greatly diminishes between 4-8 weeks. We've now hit 9, so it stands to reason that unless you are a genetic freak or this is your first time ever in the gym following a training program, your body is going to be slowing down the level of progress it can achieve pretty rapidly right now.   

2) Give your brain something new, fresh and exciting to think about. Simply changing up a routine can provide you with the sensation of something completely new... and the human brain is typically wired to become excited about NEW. It doesn't have to be massive wholesale changes, because quite simply, the best exercises are the best exercises, and we have a small pool to pick from, but simply changing up the rotation of these best exercises and tweaking the sets, reps and rest schemes can just provide that added pep in your step to your training which is going to get that ball rolling again.


3 - Measuring progress

Nothing will motivate you more than seeing justification as to why you are doing something. Our health, and pursuit of bettering it, is an evolutionary process. A process that will never stop until we die and even the healthiest of people can do more. Progress is also often slow, so it is real easy to be hard on ourselves and to lose interest. 

So... let's get something in to your routine that provides categorical evidence of progression or regression (both of which can be channeled in to motivating us).

On the same day of every month, take a full list of measurements along with progress photos! This then allows for monitoring of progress over time!

I take 23 different measurements on a monthly basis with all of my clients so that we know exactly what is happening, when, how and what may have caused this positive/negative effect. This greatly increases their understanding of what they need to do moving forward to ensure progress.

There's no reason you can't and shouldn't be doing the same at home! 

Get a set of scales, a measuring tape, a blood pressure monitor and a tripod to stand your phone up when taking photos and you can monitor progress for as long as you want to! These genuinely can be the most important investments you'll make when it comes to your health, as there is no cheating them! 


If you find yourself currently in a rut and struggling to keep going, try implementing these three tips right away... and if you want further help, please email me back or visit out website for information on our body transformation programs CLICK HERE.

Yours in health


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