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Burn More Calories Every Day

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(Written for... Anyone looking to lose fat) 

Thankfully we are coming in to the age where the industry is starting to accept the very real truth that all that is required to lose body fat, is a calorie deficit! Hopefully this will start to see the end of fad diets and dietary products. For too long now, the general population has been fed information and encouraged to buy products on the promise that this diet is supreme, or this product will get you great results… when in reality, they all rely on the same process to get you leaner.


Calories (caloric energy) are the only thing that actually matter when it comes physique management from a body composition stand point. Calories are a measure of energy that we both exert and consume. To gain muscle mass, you need to be in a surplus of calories (consuming more each day than your body requires to function)… and to lose body fat you need to be in that before mentioned deficit (expending/burning more caloric energy than what you are consuming).


Each day you will burn a certain amount of calories going about your day to day tasks: walking, standing, reading, eating, sitting down, thinking, sleeping or whatever you may get up to.

As human beings, breaking bread is a social event and therefore food is to be enjoyed, NOT to be avoided as some Fitstagrammers will lead you to believe… but often these foods that are consumed during these social occasions are high in caloric energy.

So for us to remain in a calorie deficit and lose fat, it becomes challenging to maintain a thriving social life whilst trying to achieve results. But there are two ways in which you can burn more calories each and every day, so that you can live the life that you want to live:

  1. Get a ninja training program and execute it to a tee (just like our 12 Week Transformation Program); and
  2. Increase your Non Exercise Energy Expenditure also know as NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)…. MOVE MORE


You can EASILY increase your daily calorie expenditure by up to 1000 calories if you look to work on any one of these 7 things:

(P.S. 1000 calories is almost a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream… EACH DAY)



1. Do you work in a building which has multiple floors? Excellent. Well they have a set of toilets on each floor! Chances are you are going to the loo at least three times per day… well don’t go to the loo that is on your floor. Take the stairs! Head upstairs 1, 2, 3 heck go all the way to the top and go and use the loo there. You can EASILY rack up an extra thousand steps in a day just by going to a loo that is further away. It will only take you an extra few minutes but can make a huge difference.


2. If you work in the city, you will know there are coffee shops and places to get lunch ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. Chances are your favourite spot has more than one branch within a mile of you. You have an hour for lunch (or at least any company who respects their staff should allow this), use 20-30 minutes to walk to the next branch of your favourite chain to pick up the same meal. Again there’s another thousand steps there. All you were going to do before, was head back to the office, sit back in your chair and watch a video of janet’s dog run around the garden again for the 8th time today anyway.


3. Get off the bus 2 stops early. Get off the tube 1 stop earlier. Park the car at the furthest point away in the car park. There’s another 500-1000 steps!


4. If you live within distance, cycle to work! If the weather is beautiful and you feel safe enough on the bike there really isn’t a reason not to! Cycling burns a heck of a lot of calories. So dust off the old helmet!


5. As touched upon above, if you work for a respectable company you have the full hour to use for lunch! It takes 10 minutes to eat your lunch! Use the other 50 minutes wisely. If the sun is out, go for a long walk for the first 50 minutes and then finish off the hour eating your lunch. The amount of people that eat their lunch in the first five minutes and spend the next 55 scrolling through instagram is staggering. Use the time you have!


6. Request that your boss installs adjustable height desks. In the coming years these are going to be EVERYWHERE because of how terrible the standard desks are for your posture. Simply standing all day instead of sitting will burn A LOT more calories and your posture will be significantly better as a result! We sit so much in our day to day lives it is killing us


7. If you have kids, switch the tv off and go outside with them for an hour! Even if you aren’t actually joining in with whatever they are doing/playing, moving or walking around as they play, you are going to be burning more calories than if you were sat watching game of thrones... the same as point 6.


Ultimately, it’s down to you, if you want to lose body fat you need to be burning as many calories as you can... remember CALORIE DEFICIT... so get moving! Do you want results, or excuses? Because you can’t have both.


Yours in health


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