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Beating Mental Illness

So today I wanted to talk about something that very few like to talk about, but something which has a MASSIVE effect on our overall health... our mental health!


An often taboo subject which we largely try and avoid due to the feeling of not wanting to be judged, to be seen as weak or miserable by our peers, colleagues, family and friends. 

We spend so much time correcting our technique or focusing on lifting more weight whilst training. We focus so much of our attention on the amount of something we are having at a meal, or the macros of a meal out. But we very rarely pay close attention to the impact our psychological state can have on our training, nutrition and ultimately the results we can achieve.

Because quite simply, a healthy, clear and content mind is going to lead to a far healthier body!


If you do find you struggle from depression, anxiety or stress... then trust me, you are NOT alone! I don't want to bore you with the details but in these past couple of months I've struggled with stress, anxiety and depression due to me pushing 24/7 to grow my business and to help influence the world! Influencing the world needless to say requires a lot of hours, a lot of uncertainty and a small financial investment. 

I know my times of struggle come from purely moments of uncertainty with my business. I'm a worrier, with a burning desire and commitment to succeed. In all other areas of my life; relationship, family, friends, social life, training, health and yes even golf, I have no stress or worries about. 

Now I know everyone has their individual times of struggle that are set off due to any number of things... it may not even be work or business related, but there are many practices which can help break this funk and get you BACK on track to being your best you!

I realised when I was going through my times of struggle that I had stopped my daily practices which I COULD CONTROL. Remember, ALWAYS revert back to getting things sorted that YOU can control and things will begin to fall back in to place. 


So; some of the practices/daily routines that I made a serious effort and commitment to ensure I do EVERY day are:

  • Meditate immediately after waking for at least ten minutes.
  • Nutrition. Track it, hit my targets daily... that small success day after day which leads to long term results provided me with a daily WIN!
  • Move... every day, for at least an hour. I made an effort to exercise every single day for an hour, and guess what... no surprises, it worked! It doesn't need to be crash, bang, whallop... sometimes it can be a head clearing walk. Every step counts!
  • Read... every day for at least 30 mins. For me I like self progression, business development or take over the world kinda books. This gets me all fired up and gets my mind focused again... find YOUR niche and get to it.
  • And; get to bed! At the same time, every night and get at least 7 hours a night. 

Things I made a conscious effort to do less of or alter:

  • Delete anyone on social media who I thought was a bell-end and only followed them because they were; a) pretty or b) I'd just followed them for a long time and felt some kind of odd allegiance to... keep only those that spark positive emotions in your circle!
  • Stop worrying about what others think of me. Some will love me, some will hate me... that's life.
  • Stop worrying about what others in my industry are doing! This is out of my hands and EVERYONE progresses at their own rate.
  • Don't think that these periods of struggle are going to last forever. Periods of struggle make the successes even greater! Living a life with no struggle and no obstacles, leads to a life of mediocrity and just being one of the crowd.

I would say most importantly though I spoke to the right people. Express your feelings and emotions to those that are closest to you and those that are qualified in helping in these situations. It will help you greatly to get the feelings that are circling in your head off your chest and it will give those closest to you an insight in to why your behaviours may have been wildly differing in recent times. They may not understand what you are going through, but they can at least empathise with the situation. And if they don't and they show no sign of wanting to understand or be compassionate, then they're an arsehole who you should probably cut out of your circle, because they are clearly only there for when times are good!


Get everything you can have an effect on under control and watch your mental state get back on track! Then once you have control and your mind is at ease, the physical results that you work so hard in the gym for will hit in an instant. Overloading your body with stress is damaging to more than just your mind… get your routine and practices, hit them consistently and release your body of all of that tension and stress, to ensure you reap the rewards for all of your hard work in your health, social life, relationships and career.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback to this! Do you have any other practices which you find really help you in times of stress? If you do, let me know! As I want to be able to offer these practices up to everyone!


Yours in health


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  • Stella IordanidI

    I can’t believe I have known for so long and I never knew how amazing you are got your young age…. reading this gave me goosebumps and it made me feel like I am not alone… your worrries are my same worries. Thank you for sharing 💜

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